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Started on July 16, 2024
Healthy Livin 7-Day Free Yoga & Meditation Journey

Healthy Livin
7-Day Free Yoga & Meditation Journey

The gift of a consistent practice
delivered to your inbox to help create new Healthy Livin habits. 

Healthy Livin Yoga

Healthy Livin 7-Day Free Yoga & Meditation Journey

About the Course

7 Days

10-30 Minutes/day

Creating A Healthy Livin Routine

Delivered Every Day for 7 Days Directly to Your Inbox



Start Your Free Yoga & Meditation Journey Today

Setting aside a time in your day to begin these practices is the first step to creating a new Healthy Livin routine

…and it’s absolutely FREE!

So, what do I get out of this course?

 Free guided 10-30 minute yoga and meditation practices
Learning to create new healthy habits
Increased flexibility, strength, mobility, and clarity
 Reduced stress and anxiety
Better sleep
 Learning to reconnect with yourself
Finding patience and compassion for yourself
 Learn to set every day up for success
A change in the way you see things!


Invite a friend!

Find someone to go through this new journey with;

a friend, a partner, a pet! Its always easier starting new things with a partner!


Send them this link! Its not too late to sign up!


What to Expect:

You will receive the first email to begin your journey shortly after you sign up — please check your spam and promotions folder!

That E-mail will Include:

* A personalized note from Healthy Livin *

* A Quote of the Day! *

* A Mantra/Affirmation of the Day! *

* More information on what to expect and links to your Day 1 Yoga &/or Meditation Classes *


If you enjoy my free content and want to give back, a small donation goes a long way. This allows me the time to continue to grow and create additional free content bringing more free yoga and meditation practices into this world! 

New Premium Courses Coming Soooooon...

Keep an eye out in your mailbox, YOU will be the first to know!!! 

Lets Connect Deeper!